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Seven questions and answers about the Swiss Bücherbon.
What is the "Bücherbon card"?
The Bücherbon Card is a is a voucher worth 20, 50 or 100 Swiss francs that can be redeemed in almost every bookshop in Switzerland just like a classic Swiss book coupon - but it can also be used online purchases.
Can the Bucherbon Card be recharged?
No. The Bucherbon Card is given away in the vast majority of cases. It is therefore a single-use product that is disposed at the end of the balance. That's why it's made of paper and not plastic.
What is the difference between the classic Bücherbon and the Bücherbon Card?
The Swiss Bücherbon is now available in two versions: classic in paper form and in credit card format as a book coupon card. Both can be redeemed in over 400 Swiss bookshops. The “Bücherbon Card” can also be used for online purchases in most bookshops.
Are the "old" Swiss Bücherbon still valid?
Yes. The traditional Swiss Bücherbon are still valid until the expiry date. And they can still be obtained in bookshops or on
Can the "old" Swiss Bücherbon also be redeemed online?
No. The traditional Swiss Bücherbon can only be physically redeemed in over 400 affiliated bookstores.
In what way do the Swiss Bücherbon differ from other book vouchers?
The Swiss Bücherbon and the new Bücherbon Card are the only ones that are accepted in almost every bookstore in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
Who issues the Swiss Bücherbon and with what aim?
The Swiss Bücherbon is organized as a cooperative. The bookstores in German-speaking Switzerland, Ticino and French-speaking Switzerland are members of the cooperative. Any profits that the cooperative generates flow into projects to promote reading - including literary events, competitions, festivals - and into training in the book trade.
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