Article 1: General

1 The Swiss Book Voucher Cooperative, registered as Genossenschaft Schweizer Bücherbon, based in 6370 Stans, Switzerland, has enacted the present regulations based on its Articles of Association (Art. 23/24).

Article 2: Management and responsibilities

1 In execution of Article 898 of the Swiss Code of Obligations (OR), Art. 18 para 4 of the Articles of Association of the Swiss Book Voucher Cooperative authorises the Board of Directors to delegate the management of the Cooperative. The Cooperative may be managed by a secretariat consisting of employees of the Cooperative or by a third party mandated for this purpose.

2 Unless otherwise prescribed by law, the Articles of Association or these regulations, the Board of Directors delegates the management of the Cooperative to the secretariat. The Board of Directors regulates the respective contractual relationships and issues detailed performance specifications covering the rights and obligations of those entrusted with management of the Cooperative.

3 The Board of Directors is in charge of overall management, supervision, and control of the secretariat’s management. The Board of Directors issues business policy guidelines and is regularly informed about the course of the business.

4 If management is handled by a secretariat consisting of employees of the Cooperative, it shall be composed of a senior representative appointed by the Board of Directors, this representative’s deputy and an unspecified number of additional employees. The number of part-time employees must allow for continuous management, also during holiday periods as well as in the event of illness and accident.

The secretariat shall handle all matters that arise in connection with the activities of the Swiss Book Voucher Cooperative and support the Board of Directors in its decision-making processes.

5 Unless otherwise prescribed by law, the Articles of Association or these regulations and the Board of Directors’ policies, the secretariat is responsible for managing the ongoing business affairs of the Cooperative. The secretariat is in charge of the smooth organisation of day-to-day business, and in particular of:

  • the delivery and redemption of the SWISS BOOK VOUCHER,
  • cross-selling,
  • promotional activities for the SWISS BOOK VOUCHER
  • ensuring an optimum infrastructure
  • amendments to the terms and conditions
  • financial management
  • financial accounting, incl. annual accounts
  • budgeting
  • payroll
  • managing accounts payable and receivable
  • book-keeping
  • employee, property and business liability insurance
  • archiving pursuant to the requirements of the Swiss Code of Obligations as well as “legacy files”

6 The Board of Directors may appoint committees for particular tasks. These committees can also be composed of individuals who are not members of the Cooperative.

Article 3: Conditions

1 The following conditions apply:

Delivery 100%

Postage free starting at a nominal value of CHF 1,000.00

Redemption 100%

On 31 December of each year, the Board of Directors determines the administrative deduction applicable for the following year according to the secretariat’s needs; this is subject to a ballot vote or the general assembly.

Enquiries concerning conditions may be sent to the secretariat.

2 SWISS BOOK VOUCHERS that have not been sold to end customers cannot be returned for redemption. In the event of violations, any bonuses already granted will be reversed.

Article 4: Validity and recoverability

1 The SWISS BOOK VOUCHER is a negotiable security (Art. 965 of the Swiss Code of Obligations) in the form of a bearer instrument or in electronic form as a gift card. Validity is based on the value date or the date of sale printed on the gift card.

2 When sold to customers, no date of sale is indicated. Space for this type of information was not incorporated into the voucher's design.

3 As long as sufficient reserves are available, SWISS BOOK VOUCHER negotiable securities shall be redeemable following the normal process at any time, regardless of the value date and the statutory validity period. Any amendment of these proceedings is subject to a respective decision by the Board of Directors.

Article 5: Entry into force

1 These Regulations were approved by the constitutive assembly of the Swiss Book Voucher Cooperative of 14 January 2002 and amended by the 9th ordinary ballot vote of 1 July 2011 and finally by the extraordinary ballot vote of 1 November 2019.

2 These Regulations can be amended or repealed at any time by ballot vote or a decision to that effect by the general assembly.